Compound processing technique makes medium application in aviation engine spare parts

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Aviation engine makes the typical delegate that is manufacturing industry of a nation. The tall, essence of the domain such as control of the design of its market manufacturing industry, craft, material, treatment, quality, pointed technology is an organic whole, have bear load appearance of big, structure complex, amount is phyletic much, production precision tall, quality asks difficulty of severe, treatment is great wait for a characteristic. Among them main component is made is collect process designing of numerical control of production technology of technology of new material cutting, the new technology that gets used to new-style construction part, cutting tool, much axis and optimize processing technology, fictitious emulation technology, cutting to be out of shape control technology, model the face detects accurately technology and nondestructive flaw detection. Compound processing technique basically solves the problem of 2 respects: Machine the treatment of material and fragile hard data the treatment of special structure and complex structure, hard. The main characteristic of compound treatment is harmony of fluid of integrated application machinery, optics, chemistry, electric power, magnetic force a variety of energy such as wave undertake be machininged integratedly, improving treatment efficiency and manufacturing efficiency while, give attention to two or morethings machines quality of surface of precision, treatment and tool loss to wait, the advantage that has groovy and onefold processing technique to cannot be likened to [1] . The demand analysis that aviation engine makes pair of compound processing technique applies relatively extensive compound processing technique to have in process of aviation engine workmanship at present the following 2 kinds: (1) the principle in be based on process market, with the compound processing technique that a variety of machining craft give priority to. For example: Turning, milling, grinding, auger cut, boring and wring cut wait for craft, among them part craft is OK one-time outfit clip is finished. (2) combination of non-traditional machining method and cutting, grinding, of means of purify material craft compound. For example: The combination of the non-traditional machining method such as laser, electric spark and ultrasonic and cutting, grinding. With the compound treatment that machining craft gives priority to, it is to show the spare parts uses outfit clip only on the machine tool achievable the treatment that a variety of machine add craft. Special after applying to a spare parts to enter finish machining phase, be versed in in on mill of vehicle of the fine that finish, essence, auger, boring, wring, the successive treatment of tap multitask foreword. This kind of treatment is had eliminate repeat error of the fixed position that hold clip, improve treatment precision, shorten the manufacturing cycle of the spare parts, reduce tool amount, simplify the advantage such as technological process, treatment of single function machine tool cannot realize this. Center compound processing technique to realizing working procedure, application is more have mill of 5 axes car compound machining center and vehicle of 5 axes mill are complex machining center 2 kinds of typical machine tools. Machining center of 5 axes Che Xi is given priority to with turning function, at the same time compositive the function such as milling and boring. The machine tool has A of X of rod of 3 sharp movement, Y, Z and runner shaft of 2 round deal with, B or B, C, deserve to cutting tool exchanges device and knife library automatically [2] . The cutting that is used at circumgyrate cutting tool is added to unit develops and be become on turning center base, what its function is equivalent to center of a turning and a machining center is compound, typical delegate has mill of car of Austrian WFL horizontal compound machining center. Suit to machine aviation engine dish, axis and in brief summary compose kind spare parts, this kind of spare parts is form of place of dominant craft, turning with turning tolerancepublic errand precision is tall, amount of turning purify material is large. Vehicle of 5 axes mill is complex machining center is given priority to with milling function, besides having the function of 5 axes motion with original machining center, increased to make again on the foundation of machining center workpiece revolving actuating device. Those who be equivalent to a machining center and center of a turning is compound. Suit to machine spare parts of the casing in aviation engine spare parts, Xie Panlei. This kind of spare parts is dominant craft with milling, capacity of data of milling craft purify is more than turning craft, milling technology is more sophisticated than turning craft rate is high. Spare parts structure is complex, make the milling function demand to the machine tool higher. For example the 5th axis (A or B) should have wider swing limits; Main shaft is OK changeover of vertical, horizontal, can machine aperture of axial end panel not only, also can machine as perpendicular as engine axes radial aperture or the inclined hole that become proper point of view. Relatively typical have car of German DMG mill compound machining center. Compound processing technique is quantified the uses aviation engine part integration in part of aviation engine part, structuralization, gently is to push one of important design character that compare engine greatly. Integral structural member is had reduce the heavy, good point that decrease class, synergism and increases dependability, accord with Yi Wei of aviation motor component to protect, of high reliability and macrobian life enlist in army demand. For example compressor dish the compressor that is an organic whole with journal design dish, rotor lamina and compressor dish the integral leaf that the design is an organic whole dish wait. Structure of integral construction part is complex, locate than holding clip with photograph of former monomer spare parts the effect is weakened apparently, make spare parts tigidity abate, in treatment easy generation brace up quiver. Specific place produces the part in be being machined consequently easily be out of shape, geometrical dimension and exterior quality are affected by certain level. It is OK that monomer lamina adds man-hour the journal place of clamp lamina, xie Guan lives with top top in the meantime, clamp of a direction, a direction is propped up. When integral Xie Panxi cuts blade can the around predestined relationship with clamp hub board, xie Guan is not had prop up, blade issues treatment in cantilever condition, craft sex is apparent bad at monomer lamina. Because part of this whole construction is basically shirt-sleeve original two monomer spare parts, dish the treatment difficulty with blade. Casing of integral Xie Panhe kind the spare parts is accepted aviation engine makes one of parts with the largest difficulty in building. Its technological process is complex include common machining car, mill already, auger, boring, wring, grind, included non-traditional machining to wait like bolus of spray, gush, heat treatment again, technological process is as long as a few or hundreds working procedure, if pursue,1 is shown. Spare parts of integral Xie Panlei can use mill car compound machining center, milling of foliaceous body face is machined, the fine vehicle of turntable surface is machined, and into, the nice link aperture of two end machines exhaust can center on a machine tool to machine at the same time. Manage together, casing kind the spare parts also can mix milling of casing exterior face inside model the turning of antrum and nicety of around end panel join Kong Zuan, boring is machined, in mill car at the same time the concentration on compound machining center is finished. After treatment ends, what can deploy on applied machine tool is online measure a function, the examination machines a result, form treatment, measure unifinication. This kind of machine tool should have vertical, horizontal to change a function, among them milling is given priority to with horizontal treatment, turning is given priority to with vertical treatment. By a certain number of class compressor dish the rotor that assemble and becomes, can be in the vehicle that provided dynamical grinding head on machining center, essence of life is repaired after circumferential radial is fiducial, on foundation of fixed position of turning outfit clip, instantly grinding is various end panel of blade leaf coronal, it is the another example that uses compound treatment. Compound machining center suits Che Xi treatment is given priority to with turning craft, milling craft is complementary spare parts. The B axis of compound machining center places mill of 5 axes car head turning technology, complex to processing a few form in aviation engine spare parts close partly model antrum protruding shows quite large dominant position, it is the new technology with rapidder in recent years development. Manufacturer of a few machine tools has regarded the standard of vending machine bed as one of configuration this function. The graph shows the mill that it is a car 2 times axis of machining center B. Graph axes of 2 NextpageB of axis of B of Che Xi machining center place head turning to suit to machine compressor particularly dish, structure of journal an organic whole dish kind of spare parts and into, the edge that enrage a platoon is bilateral the whole of annulus of the tine that take comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb Xie Panlei spare parts. The structural characteristic of this kind of spare parts is: Spoke board is long, model entrance of cutting tool of place of narrow, Pan Xinkong is in antrum bottom of narrow, lumen broadens, the high difference of spoke board and Pan Xinkong is bigger. In machining difficulty to depend on thin wall structure machining suffer cutting force easily to affect generation to be out of shape, and close the cutting tool in antrum cutting and lumen face generates collision, interference easily. The processing that interferes especially, become whether treatment goes out complete, accurate model the fundamental premise of antrum. Should ask cutting tool to make an engineer design the cutting tool is not mark of special appearance normally, cause cutting tool cost to increase one times almost, it is a not little responsibility to the enterprise. Close inside model antrum structure is in groovy car is machined on machining center, need 3 cutting tool that be not mark full treatment completes ability general side, its movement way and cutting area are shown 3 times like the graph. Applied Che Xi after axis of B of compound machining center places head car function, model the treatment of 2 cutting tool that if the graph is shown 4 times,antrum uses can cover whole area completely. When introducing processing technique of B axis turning, use B axis to be able to place the function of the head in turning, make fillet of milling main shaft moves cutting tool synchronism to swing, make axes of lathe tool lever is adjusted gradually as the change that machines place its and model the angle between antrum, the limited space of make the best use of antrum, extended the athletic trend of each knife, the arbor in making up for groovy turning secures immobile inadequacy, reduced different cutting tool to change a knife to machine the mark receiving a knife of a generation, improved exterior quality, this are attached most importance to especially in the treatment of engine spare parts should. In some sense, the birth of numerical control lathe makes turning nonlinear curved surface becomes easy to do, and the birth that B axis places head turning technology makes the turning craft ability of complex structure part gets huge promotes. With energy compound the purify that the cooperation of energy put together that used a variety of forms for compound processing technique of the foundation uses implementation data [3] , the treatment efficiency that improved difficult treatment to machine a structure material, hard and treatment quality. High temperature alloy belongs to difficult treatment material, also be aviation engine spare parts one of commonly used material. Temperature of the cutting muscularity of the generation when cutting of high temperature alloy, cutting is high, cause workpiece heat to be out of shape, make dimension and appearance precision produce change. Cold good appearance is serious in be being machined at the same time, bring about cutting tool to wear away aggravate. The treatment of spare parts of high temperature alloy is put generally in finished cost the characteristic with taller, periodic and longer treatment. Especially the integral leaf of material of high temperature alloy dish, the data that needs to cut ream in treatment occupies the 90 % of forging of integral semifinished product to control. When cutting tool diameter is less than φ 8mm, tigidity of cutting tool system is rapid and abate, feed falls bigger, in treatment appear easily knife phenomenon, affect the exterior quality of the spare parts. My company is aimed at difficult treatment material began special type craft to machine research. To the casing of integral Xie Panhe of material of high temperature alloy, use craft of electric spark copy mill to undertake rough machining, the position of methodological purify flow path that replaces numerical control milling is major material. With Xie Panwei exemple, when rough treatment opening slot, use strong record electrode, give foliaceous basin and foliaceous back obligate certain surplus respectively. Undertake 5 coordinate milling next, be about to the lamina after electric spark is machined undertakes light makes treatment, make foliaceous body everywhere surplus is even, to follow-up essence mill treatment lays a foundation. The cost that is the same as diametical electrode far under hard alloy cutting tool, its price still is less than hard alloy cutting tool very one of. Compare with machining center photograph, fare of depreciation of hour of electric spark machine tool is low also. Compound treatment craft notes a point: (1) interference appears in preventing to machine. The function of circumgyrate of main shaft cutting tool when as a result of Che Xi compound machining center increased milling to machine, make its add a knife to place a structure unlike the ram of original lathe, appear relatively giant. When machining a spare parts, must want to consider to whether be met with workbench of spare parts, clamping apparatus, machine tool (or rotary table) generation interference and collision. Settlement method is, applied geometry is fictitious emulation technology, environment of fictitious emulation software builds workbench of spare parts, clamping apparatus, machine tool (or rotary table) occupy a model with the three-dimensional number with exact main shaft of machine tool milling, program of moving CNC Machining, whether is contrail of examination cutting tool cut too, whether is judgement milling main shaft interfered with spare parts, clamping apparatus and workbench, adjust according to interfering particular case to take effective measures to give, pass the length of arbor of lengthen cutting tool, add the height of tall clamping apparatus, make milling main shaft has enough athletic travel space. (2) craft course weaves reasonable. Che Xi compound or mill vehicle is complex working procedure plans the finish machining stage in the spare parts as far as possible, also namely the phase of final form cutting of the spare parts. Rough machining or arrangement of semifinishing machining working procedure are on groovy equipment undertake. Such already can the circumstance of insecurity of resource of equipment of avoid high end, the biggest change car, mill, get, the many craft concentration such as boring, one-time treatment finishs workpiece to be machined for the most part, raise the treatment precision of the spare parts. Compound processing technique is the last word make sure aviation engine is complex the treatment quality of structural part, improve treatment efficiency, reduce production cost, simplify technological process, shorten the development of new product is periodic, provided a feasible means. But compound treatment, the sexual price of complexity of the precision that should consider a hardware integratedly, structure and finished cost is compared, the machine tool that has compound treatment function after all still belongs to high-end equipment at present, resource is less. Look into the development foreground of national aviation industry, accelerate development civil big airlines, big push than engine pace, industry of implementation aviation motor can grow for a long time continuously, it is the main strategy objective that the enterprise pursues. Compete in the market increasingly intense today, the accident of cycle of research and development of a new product, be measure company comprehensive strength reflect, because this is compound,processing technique has wide applied perspective. CNC Milling