Machining center

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Summarizing machining center is to point to stock knife library, have change knife function automatically, the numerical control machine tool that after holding clip to workpiece, undertakes multitask foreword is machined. Machining center is the product of high Electromechanical unifinication, after workpiece holds clip, numerical control system can control a machine tool to choose automatically by different process, change cutting tool, rotate speed of main shaft of automatic pair of knives, automatic change, feed, can finish continuously auger, a variety of working procedure such as boring, mill, bore with a reamer, tap. Reduced workpiece to hold clip time greatly consequently, measure and the machine tool is adjusted wait for auxiliary floor-to-floor time, more complex to processing form, precision demand is higher, breed changes frequent spare parts has favorable economic effect. Machining center is classified relative to the position with main shaft and workbench normally, cent is horizontal, vertical and all-purpose machining center. (1) horizontal machining center: It is the machining center that shows main shaft axes and workbench parallel are installed, basically apply to treatment casing kind spare parts. (2) vertical machining center: It is to show main shaft axes and workbench are perpendicular the machining center of the setting, basically apply to treatment board kind, dish kind, mould and small-sized housing kind complex part. (3) is all-purpose machining center (call much axis linkage machining center) again: It is to point to through machining main shaft axes and workbench rotor the angle of the line is controallable linkage changes, finish the machining center that complex space curved surface machines. Apply to the treatment of the workpiece such as the impeller rotor that has complex space curved surface, mould, cutting tool. 2.

Examine the level that standard machining center uses is machine tool tool the standard controls inside the industry. Basically have JB/GQ1140-89 " machining center precision " , JB/GQ1140-89 " supplementary articles of machining center precision " , JB/GQ1141-89 " condition of machining center technology " . The requirement of the geometrical precision that the standard set machining center and working precision reachs way of check proved recipe. JB2670-82 still must consult when machining center examines " precision of metallic cutting machine tool examines general rule " with GB9061-88 " metallic cutting machine tool is general technical condition " wait for a standard to undertake. 3.

Examine project machining center can be divided by its accuracy class for average level and exact form. Examine the project is in commonly 30 above, its detailed catalogue and examine condition, method all has specific provision in the standard. A machining center is entire knock off makes a test is to compare complex general need to if laser interferometer, 3 coordinate measure the instrument of large high accuracy such as machine,be used, check of function of each part such as control of the machinery to the machine tool, electric equipment, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, personal computer and whole accident travel checks check, reach the integrated technology of pair of this machine is evaluated finally. (1) geometry precision: Those who include to mirror main shaft and workbench integratedly is relevant jump with diameter of mutual position precision, main shaft, end panel is jumpy (change is moved) , precision of workbench flatness, circumgyrate. (Fixed position of 2) machine tool, repeat fixed position precision: Namely workbench or position of main shaft movement, the set value of circumgyrate angle and real value (actual measurement is worth) differ or measure those who need a value to all be worth for many times, the integrated index of the control that it is system of numerical control of reflective machine tool, poor filling precision and set of machine tool oneself. (3) job precision: It is to show to representative work precision work dimension undertakes examining, dimension precision is precision of pair of machine tool geometry, the comprehensive assessment that fixed position precision issues in certain cutting and treatment condition. Basically have bore hole precision of precision, parallel aperture pitch, tune bores hole coaxial is spent, milling all around precision of face precision, milling of circular arc interpolation. (4) exterior: Can consult general and rigid relative standard examines, but machining center because price of its sheet stage is high, the exterior asks also prep above is general machine tool. 4.

Main manufacturer and the domestic manufacturer that lose to produce machining center at present toward country, area basically have: Qinghai the first machine tool of factory of factory of the first machine tool, great river machine tool, Beijing factory of factory of factory, Changzhou machine tool, Nantong machine tool, Tianjin institute of machine tool of total factory of the first machine tool, Beijing. Basically be defeated to wait for country and area toward the United States, Latin America, southeast Asia, Hong Kong. 5.

Pack, Chu Yunjia is versed in the center uses wooden case to pack more, each wooden case produces manufacturer to be when production wooden case, basis GB7284-98 " frame wooden case " , GB/T13384-92 " mechanical and electrical products packs current technology condition " reach relative standard. Afore-mentioned standards hold the capable person of box to the bag the project such as qualitative, structure, moisture content made specific provision. The box that pack examines sample SN/T0275-93 still must consult when deciding " export goods carries test gauge Cheng of the wooden case that pack " . The machining center inside box should undertake be fixedded effectively mixing gasket, its electric equipment and treatment not lacquer surface should do antirust and moistureproof processing, its are antirust period of efficacy is two years. During depositing the harbor that reach sluggish machining center should keep inside the library, block up answers when temporary open air is deposited and add lid of cover with a straw mat to prevent drench, leach. Box side centre of gravity, prevent rain, not the label such as convert, put down gently should all ready, transfer destination with making sure the product when carrying is in good condition, safe. 6.

Production and door of battalion headquarters of classics of foreign trade of the note that order and manufacturing unit must reach issued concerned regulation master strictly according to trade supervision law. Machining center belongs to branch of metallic cutting machine tool to already carried out exit product quality to allow a system, the product that did not obtain license prohibits export. Outside current technology requirement is being eliminated when ordering goods, fair to equipment parameter, imperial, motivation, type of control voltage and Zhou Bo and random accessory, cutting tool and machine tool color all due and specific provision. CNC Milling