Technology of LXI bus line reachs his to apply

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The aether net technology that LXI is maturity is checking what automation domain applies to extend. Its specific tentative plan is will mature aether net technology in using automatic test system, in order to replace technique of traditional test bus line. Had gotten the support of manufacturer of industry of great majority instrument at present, main reason is: (1) PC of aether net, standard and software are in test industry use extensively, the technology is already special and mature, and get numerous computer manufacturer ceaseless research and development is thrown and upgrade support.

(2) of standard of synchronism of IEEE 1588 network carry out, the clock simultaneous error of accept second class can get in lab environment. (3) network interface of the standard already very general. International LXI agreement is tentative the instrument that is based on LXI cent is A, B and C3 grade. Grade C has the process designing that passes LAN to control capacity, can cooperate with very well with the instrument of other manufacturer the job; Grade B has all capacity of grade C, and add went up agreement of synchronism of IEEE 1588 accurate clock; Grade A has all capacity of grade B, have hardware to spark at the same time ability. LXI bus line has the characteristic of the following respects: (1) compositive more convenient, do not need special box and 0 chamfer controller. (2) LXI module can be used alone already, have modular characteristic again, can form the sophisticated test system with powerful function. (3) LXI module but as compositive as old platform together, installation is on standard frame. (4) LXI dimensions but can small, small to a module, arrive greatly distributing alive bound each district, very agile. (5) can use network interface to be operated meticulously, need not process designing and other are fictitious face plate. (6) LXI platform provides quits link. (7) when test project is changed, LXI need not be changed in the join on LAN, shortened thereby test a system establish time. (8) can take even the LXI module on LAN time-sharing means job, at the same time the service tests an item at what differ. (9) of LXI module ventilated medicinal powder hot, electromagnetism is compatible the design that waits for a respect is simpler. Classics of all previous of test bus line the GPIB bus line of 70 time, the VXI bus line of 80 time, the PXI bus line of 90 time, the test of bus line technology in industry, military affairs, aerospace the effect in the domain is mainer and mainer, the range that is used is wider and wider also, the research because of technology of this pair of bus line and development never discontinuous over- , the LXI of standard of new generation bus line that released 2004 is indicating on bus line development a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Recently 10 years, measure and controlled a domain to generate current of a few kinds of development: (1) the systematic complexity that increases increasingly coordinates demand   with more systems (2) more and more adoption   of distributed construction of system (3) the applied   of network communication technology (4) the cost limitation development as IT, will nearly 10 years be measured the object produced very big change, as a whole, present test object has a few as follows to nod jointly: Test object has the distributed character of different grade, arrive greatly distributing inside the limits in hundreds of on 1000 kilometers, small to distributing inside the limits in a few meters; Test object is more and more complex, test data bulk is great, to finish test job, need much test equipment, if be opposite,the test of 3G communication network needs thousands of test equipment; To certain test task, ask certain test equipment has the character that operates in coordination, the clock synchronism function that controls partial requirement 100ns like the movement of certain industry automation; Certain test object needs long-range test and control. Automatic test bus line includes bus line of traditional GPIB, VXI, PXI, check the number of division of the test when building automation to test a system with these bus line compose suffers be restricted, and cost is higher, these bus line oneself cannot compose builds distributed test system. Cannot satisfy as a result of the blemish of oneself because of this traditional test bus line distributed the test demand with complex system, be regarded to be the inevitable choice that solves a problem to the change of distributed architecture. International LXI alliance once was in numerous system has made investigation in compositive business and engineer, what what get is almost unanimous verdict: Want to reduce systematic cost and compositive complexity above all, use the man-machine interface that uses easily. Be in next make sure the system is compact while the function that should assure an instrument and compatibility, decrease to connect a line complexly. The hope has a variety of high-speed to spark means, high-speed I/O, reduce the waste of the space of frame and box, the even special and easy fault that discovers a system. In process designing when the software that hopes to use oneself to be familiar with most. Use general PC interface and bus line, is not costly test measures special interface bus line. Technology of LXI test bus line is the inevitable tendency that informatization, network develops. In 3 short years, LXI bus line had gotten domestic and international the support of a few manufacturer, include American department of defense among them, spaceflight is measured accuse a technology to developed a company to also join alliance of LXI bus line. Roll out from the standard up to now, a few big instrument firms rolled out instruments of a variety of 100 LXI bus line in succession, a lot of advantage of technology of LXI bus line should be necessarily in the numerous domain such as industry, military affairs, aerospace the action with inestimable play, next graphs gave out respectively LXI bus line checks medium application in car production, rocket, plane. Technology of bus line of test of Nextpage graph 1 LXI checks medium applied graph 2 LXI to check bus line technology to check the application in product line in car automation in the rocket technology of bus line of test of graph 3 LXI is in the application in test of plane electron equipment CNC Milling