Machine end panel chamfer, block bits up? Bit burst? Is machine down time too long? How to do?

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Some innovation are more low-key, very few also bear the palm, but the life that their occurrence can let a lot of people however becomes more relaxed. Next what the story tells is this kind of innovation -- the effort that carries a group and cooperate to solve industry difficult problem, let a whole world by tens of thousands the challenge that jockey answers end panel grooving leisurely, the life that lets them becomes more relaxed. Assume you are a jockey, your task is machine on metallic bar deep narrow end panel chamfer. Cannot let grow cut bits to be blocked up in curving groove, cannot invite bit crack, shorten even machine tool machine down time, so do? Feel too difficult? Cut off and the Arkady Sleptsov that grooving product uses manager and one of personnel of CoroCut QF research and development says: "Treatment is deep and narrow groove is a very intractable operation, before this never which tool supplier can find out a kind of satisfactory solution. To the client, groovy quality and treatment security are the most important, can sacrifice only below this kind of circumstance cutting tool life. " what the client must bear a machine tool is slow run a large number of waste with bit, clear from inside groove ceaselessly even cut bits. 2013, be in on brains storm conference, the Gunnar Jansson of engineer of advanced research and development of the rich experience of industry of cutting of 32 years of metals offerred a kind of new design concepts. Jansson says: "We are being carried out CoroCut QD concept can be depended on when cutting off. My idea is to use very short time to improve this concept. " of course, realized this one concept to be full of a challenge. Group of research and development must be dug deep, break through bounds and oppugn foregone fact, ability realizes wants treatment security and cutting tool life. 2015, this cutting tool can undertake the spot checked eventually. Jansson says: "We encountered a lot of setbacks in the project, but just is these setbacks make our cutting tool more outstanding. We sum up experience lesson ceaselessly, broke through the confine that does not have thinkable to design a concept at the outset. " Claes Andersson of engineer of   presiding research and development says: "The client is mixed to quiet and smooth cutting the outstanding control that cut bits feels astonish, we experience those not the night of Mian and every white hair are worthiness. "   speaks of the performance with excellent CoroCut QD, cut off and Jenny Claus of grooving product manager says: "This operation can cause vibration normally, produce rebarbative sound, cause wear away, not stability and the cutting tool burst that cannot redeem. But the novel and solid design that depends on CoroCut QF front, declining razor blade and coping, bottom and rear stable orbit, all these difficulty is OK be readily solved. We devise a kind of very stable solution eventually. "     CoroCut QF can improve the control that cut bits, provides rigid system can answer taller cutting force. This system ensures the client that is us treatment security, make show unmanned value to defend treatment actually. Characteristic and benefit: Declining razor blade can ensure coping of razor blade of stability;   , bottom and rear stable course can utmost ground reduces the treatment security with higher   of bit motion; and groovy quality,   of longer; of cutting tool life can be suitable hour hand (QFT) and anticlockwise rotate (the outfit clip that the need that QFU) main shaft supplies   of; of special razor blade to be able to satisfy end panel grooving through optimized side clearance raises innovation of stability;   designs;   to ensure   of correct clamping force; CNC Milling