But dislocation ball head stands milling cutter

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The United States 10 thousand be able to bear or endure special (Valenite) the V420 of company newest development but dislocation ball head stood milling cutter to use 3 bit, establish milling cutter photograph to compare with what have blade of two effective cutting, its feed rate can rise 50 % . V420 established milling cutter to use SideLok bit direct clamp (flank locking) technology, scope of milling cutter size is 20 - 32mm. Mill razor blade includes brand of two kinds of ValPro, among them, VP5020 is a kind inferior micron class brand of coating of hard alloy PVD, use at high speed cutting steel, cast-iron with heat-resisting alloy; VP5040 is brand of coating of PVD of a kind of tall tenacity, with cutting of the dry type cutting of Yu Gang and stainless steel and burden. CNC Milling