Electric machinery of 3 water chestnut appears on the market machine of new-style Laser Cutting but armor plate of the ply in cut

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The carbon dioxide that 3 water chestnut develop 2 dimension machine of laser beam machining " NX series " 3 water chestnut of ML3015-60CF-R   electric machinery will appear on the market since June 28, 2007 can undertake with high output power high speed cut is machined " ML3015NX-60CF-R " . The oscillator of carbon dioxide laser that matchs stock 6kW " MLCF-R " . Through deploying the laser oscillator of high output power, raised the treatment rate of a variety of material such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium. Especially stainless steel (SUS304 board thick 1mm) , can come true so 1.

The high speed cut of the minutely 30m of 5 times. Cut board ply respect also increased cut capacity, mild steel is 25mm for 15mm, stainless steel for 25mm, aluminium alloy. Additional, cut quality respect, also stabilized laser light beam through improving pulse oscillation weaveform, those who realized Rz15 μ M cut off face smoothness. This exterior smoothness than the finish machining in machining (Rz25 μ M) even smooth, because this need not have precision work, can realize finished cost cut down. This product booked what the place of ancient house of name of Electromechanical of 26 days of 3 water chestnut that make holds 24 ~ in May 2007 " Mechatronics Private Show of industry of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut " on showpiece. Order goods begin time to be 7 years on June 28, predicting month output is 5. The price is 100 million 824O 10 thousand yen. CNC Milling