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Mr Darren Grainger this year 27 years old, just install machining center of the Colchester-Harrison Tornado T8MSY of a top class configuration milling recently. This machining center deployed axis of Y of deputy main shaft, it can is opposite 12 labour tower of drive type knife is transverse feed, the efficiency that improved to machine nice spare parts greatly thereby completes the order form of day of profit increase smoothly, achieve investment beneficial result quickly thereby. Company of his Hi-Spec Precision Engineering holds water at 3 years half before, be located in Laisite county (Leicestershire) inside area of mid garden of course of study of a coolie. Just began, what the company uses is manual operation model turn tower type turret lathe and milling machine; And arrived December 2005, installing Colchester-Harrison MultiTurn 2000 horizontal after compound lathe, the company obtained rapid development, the ground like culmination of day of no less than marchs toward real success. Mr Grainger says: "In computerized numerical control (CNC) of the respect take a risk to invest to produce such big effect unexpectedly to our company and client first. Be in accordingly in Feburary 2006, we installed machining center of milling of cutting tool of power of a Colchester-Harrison Tornado T6M as soon as possible again, so that obtain the more function of automatic milling and compound treatment respect. Subsequently, because this machine tool was us to win very much treatment order, rise from July 2007 consequently, we prepare to introduce the T8M with treatment higher power machine tool again. Now, this equipment installation is inside new factory building. " then, he still speaks of to feedback from what obtain over there the client opinion. Arrive from southern coast Scotland, the client that even still Norfolk city has them -- one of their feedback issued more order to the company namely, and the part that the client needs to undertake manufacturing larger size by right of new process capability. Before building a plant, mr Grainger ever was in company of technology of a hydraulic pressure to hold the position of CAD stylist. After turn and managing small-sized job shops. His former boss extends aid immediately, help him enthusiasticly before the experience that employee uses oneself will improve productivity, create the greatest value, ensure the freedom of raw material is supplied. Have feeling hereat, the mother of Mr Grainger and madam also are taken an active part in. Work overtime of 8 months on the weekend through by a definite date and stay up late fight bravely, plus the client group that expands ceaselessly, small-sized order for goods and prototype a large number of order of treatment, mix with cheap operation overhead expenses assiduous production, the company had good germinant obtain more and more order. But he is clear also, raise crop ability to enlarge portfolio further only. Because this reachs unanimous view: Use computerized numerical control (CNC) treatment makes efficiency with carrying a senior engineer. Although Mr Grainger is perfectness the computer, but devoid computerized numerical control (CNC) the knowledge of the respect. He discovers later, the operation guideline of Colchester-Harrison MultiTurn machine tool and process designing manual are his good teaching material. After using means of this kind of control, he can undertake machining installing quickly, realize batch treatment through computerized numerical control next; In the process that machines in the machine tool, he still can become other issue, need to return a machine tool to assemble and unassemble only workpiece can. The result that invests this makes portfolio got be climbinged at full speed rising. "The functional dispense with with powerful machine tool much labor power, " he says, "And of competition ability and crop rise mean me to be able to carry on more getting cut, attack whorl and grinding treatment order. " undertaking with Colchester-Harrison company later consultative later, he decides to use computerized numerical control entirely (CNC) drive power cutting tool, in order to have compound treatment. "More and more order following sb's heels and come, former we feel unprofitable works this, now however suddenly become profitable. " he introduced hydraulic pressure motivation to control one of unit small-sized connector in detail, it has the protruding outside one place and groove, this is both the form between tolerancepublic errand requirement is very strict. He says: "If need not milling machine treatment is very impracticable, but had Tornado T6M, in automatic treatment circulates to be able to be finished. " clients begin to ask he produces larger part, consequently Mr Grainger decides to increase the size of the machine tool, install Tornado T8M of a 3 axes machine tool, provide dynamical cutting tool, have treatment diameter to be the process capability of 66 millimeter great ability. "The main shaft that cannot believe 22 Kw power can form so vast difference unexpectedly. Undertake the hydraulic pressure jar with stainless steel and EN24T simple material is machined especially, make a person impressive. " his say. He is with machining a cylinder body that contains prejudicial aperture again exemple. "Special fixture was placed on chuck, open main shaft 850 turn / cent, maintain its balance when chuck is oscillatory next. Then, the U 40 millimeter diameter auger push directly, cut bits to bump besides what be in generation in baffle outside, did not encounter any resistance of the machine tool. " Mr Grainger has 7 years of experience in design domain. "My need know sth like the palm of one's hand to hydraulic pressure industry, " he says, "This can help me arouse the innovation inspiration in the job really, production gives the product that the client needs truly. " the honing of the grinding that he listed such as to cancel piston lever and aperture of crock of certain hydraulic pressure, undertake clip completes the treatment of all appearance installing. Adopt diamond polish technology, contented and strict tolerancepublic errand control and surface are bright and clean spend a requirement. He complements: "To EN24T of stainless steel material and EN8, we can realize the machining error of 15 micron easily, achieve 0.

2 to 0.

The surface of 4 micron is bright and clean degree. " the good car that machine tool of use T8M Tornado has steel of C 60 of Er of Wei of Rockwell%C2%DE%BF%CB%CE%A4%B6%FB%D7%D4%B6%AF%BB%AF" Target="_blank"> Luoke, use CBN razor blade to need not use cooling fluid, machine the bearing aperture of conveyer platen and pulley. "To 38 millimeter aperture auger cut treatment, use 100 meters / minute linear velocity and 0.

1 millimeter / turn into. " Mr Grainger madam helps undertake registering the job, additional, he still recruited 3 full-time employee -- a skilled worker worker that hold clip, two jockey. Tornados and the data that MultiTurn processes small lot work include steel of high speed cutting, aluminous, red copper, brass, 303, 304 with 316 stainless steel, and EN 16T, EN 19T and EN 24T, the amount arrives from 5 50, 100 amount to even 3, 000. "I can install good machine tool on Saturday, at the same time test and verify machine program is proper; When coming again the following day, can get 500 machine good part, " he introduces. Nowadays, there are 26 clients on the order of Mr Grainger, and 18 among them are belonged to order goods for a long time. Machining a variety of 800 different spare partses at present; Additionally he returns inventory one part product with satisfying a client order goods requirement. Face the order that increases increasingly and the demand that the client machines to heavy-duty milling however, company of Hi-Spec Precision Engineering decides to add machine tool of a Tornado newly. And transverse feed function solves the Y axis of knife tower effectively this one problem. He hopes to be able to make full use of the advantage of the Sauter knife tower of the tall stiffness that newest type place uses, cutting tool uses HSK 83 interface, the direct drive power of 10 KW -- double be original model machine tool almost. The rotate speed of the machine tool also increases double original, adding the axial of workpiece and radial, its rotate speed can be amounted to 10, 000 turn / cent, produce ± at the same time 40 millimeter journey -- the current treatment that this needs to place is very ideal. However, mr Grainger is fond of those who want development truly, be ' feed ' the sheet that finish second loop and compound treatment function. "Hydraulic pressure spare parts has very high demand to the geometrical relation between product feature, this kind of machine tool is optimal choice absolutely. This may mean me to be able to close the process that amounts to 7 times to be finished for. " he introduces. CNC Milling