Example of process designing of mill of CimatronE5 axis aviation

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Turbine lamina uses cast semifinished product to undertake CNC Machining normally. If use bovine bazoo directly,helix of knife edge lamina face leaves thick, mix in the edge that take energy of life vent one's anger because cutter shaft campaign is violent,the edge is in, can produce bigger cutting tool load suddenly. We use the function of mill of 5 axes aviation in CimtronE software below, with φ pass in and out of purify of side edge of knife of the 40 corn that mount a tooth-like part of anything enrages edge surplus, feel follow-up to machine program offers good cutting condition. One, type of craft of curved surface method chooses " between two curves profile modeling mill " . Pursue as follows, collect enters gas edge R (gules curved surface) use curved surface to guide. The attrib border outline of two side is curved surface respectively " the first " and " the 2nd " curve. Generate cutter track to pursue as follows. The curved surface way that notices right now cutter shaft direction is acquiesce to. Nextpage2, cutter shaft dominates following pictures, install " output format " for " 4 axes " , "The lock decides the 5th axis " it is 0 degrees. Cutter shaft will circle X axis to rotate, corner coming back is spent it is 90 degrees. Generate cutter track to pursue as follows. 3, use even the knife " retrorse and tangent circular arc " means of knife of advance and retreat. Nextpage4, effective tool " axial is mobile " - 10, direction of cutter shaft of cutting tool edge is down mobile 10mm. 5, the amount that rough machining sets rough machining contrail according to surplus of real semifinished product and span. Pursue as follows. Lay become cutter track finally: CNC Milling