Program of Xi Menzi PLC debugs a method

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Of program of Xi Menzi Plc it is OK to debug cent is debugged for imitate and the spot debugs two to debug a process, it is very important to make scrutiny to PLC exterior wiring above all. Exterior wiring does not have a problem. For safe consideration, had better disconnect main circuit. Do scanning electrify examination to search wiring breakdown to exterior wiring with the test program that has written first. Should affirm wiring is not had by accident hind join again main circuit, the program that has debugged imitate sends user memory to undertake debugging, the function till departmental cent is normal, can coordinate the control that finishs whole consistently till the function. 1.

If the set value of certain timer or tally in the program is too great,the imitate of the program is debugged, debug time to shorten, can reduce them when debug, imitate debugs the actual set cost that they keep again after the end. While design and imitate debug a program, can the design, console that make or control ark, job of the installation of the other hardware besides PLC, wiring also can undertake at the same time. After good the design program writes PLC, above all one by one microscope, correct write fashionable occurrence mistake. Imitate of general preexistence lab debugs user program, concrete input signal can come with toggle switch and pushbutton imitate, of each sendout / break condition to use the glow diode that concerns on PLC to show, need not receive the load with real PLC commonly (wait for) like a powerful person of contactor, electromagnetism. Can pursue according to function, in proper when come with switch or pushbutton the feedback signal with concrete imitate, be like spacing switch contact put through and disconnect. To sequence control program, the moves to whether accord with functional chart regulation that the main task that debugs a program is inspection program, it is namely when implementation of some changeover condition, whether to produce the true change of the mobile condition of the pace, should change namely all before whether does class pace turn into inactive pace, whether do all follow-up paces turn into mobile pace, and whether is each pace happened to change accordingly by the load of drive. Answer when debug mature all sorts of probable conditions, all sorts of each spur track that to the system all sorts of different job kind, function that has choice series pursues medium, possible progress courses, answer examination of one by one, cannot omit. Discover to answer to modify the program in echelon graph and PLC in time after the problem, accord with a requirement completely till the relation between quantity of the input below the circumstance in all sorts of likelihoods and sendout. 2.

The spot of the program is debugged after completing afore-mentioned work, PLC installation undertakes in control spot online always debug, the sensor that exists possibly in debugging process lieutenant general to expose a system, carry out implement the problem that waits for a respect with hard wiring, and the exterior hookup of PLC and echelon pursue the problem in programming, answer appearing problem to try in time to solve. If debug requirement of short of index, make to corresponding hardware and software part adjust appropriately, need to revise a program to achieve adjustment goal possibly only normally. Debug entirely after passing, through the test of period of time, the system can be thrown moved actually. CNC Milling