Machining center of Guilin machine tool can replace an entrance

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Hall of Guangxi science and technology held XHZ2320/4 to decide form of door of dragon of bridge fixed column in Inc. of Guilin machine tool a few days ago appraisal of pentahedral machining center is met. Experts agree with this product to pass appraisal. Experts think, the technical innovation of this product has the following characteristic: numerical control technology of automatic and all-purpose milling head uses at this product; Use bilateral to in the dragon doorcase with inclined protruding wears advanced structure, make dragon door frame enhanced tigidity and stability. The China of development direction · of industry of machine tool of whole world of pertinent information · makes global machine tool mould of machine tool of · of country of the first consumption accelerates internationalization pace scope annex of industry of tool of machine tool of all-time · our country recombines a road boundless experts think, this product fill home is blank, its technology home is banner, achieve on century international of 90 time end is congener product level, can replace an entrance CNC Milling