Thread machining new sharp weapon: Hard alloy but dislocation whorl milling cutter

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Hard alloy but the research task project that dislocation whorl milling cutter is my unit, classify the Chengdu City is new 2009 area science and technology plans a project, fund of innovation of place of classify the Chengdu City planned a project 2010, obtained development of technology of place of scientific research courtyard to study special fund 2010. This product is the cutting tool of efficient, accurate thread machining that is used at all sorts of standard whorl are being machined on numerical control milling cutter. As the progress of science and technology, conventional screw cutting technology already cannot satisfy our treatment requirement: 1, great weight, accumulate a spare parts roughly to cannot be placed in lathe jacket; 2, blind aperture difficult turning machines whorl; 3, abnormity work holds clip fixed position hard on lathe; 4, the efficiency when machining large size whorl is too low; 5, the efficiency when processing difficult treatment data is very low and cutting tool life is very brief; 6, lathe intensity cannot satisfy turning requirement; 7, break bits bad or platoon bits is difficult etc. It is just about under this kind of setting, emerge as the times require of whorl milling cutter. Its advantage is: It is cutting, high speed cutting, OK that whorl milling treatment can realize burden the cutting that finishs difficult treatment material, have treatment efficiency whorl quality is tall, high (can realize inferior exterior surface roughness) , cutting tool versatility treatment security is good, good wait for a lot of advantage, can show reduce cost of user cutting tool, can produce with a cutting tool only piece have same pitch but the whorl of different diameter, can make treatment inside belts of any whorl public errand. Reduced user machine tool to have not only rate, and treatment efficiency twice increases. The cutting tool of milling of efficient and accurate whorl that this cutting tool is the material such as cast-iron, cast steel, high strenth steel and treatment stainless steel, nonferrous metal. Product model covers sort of all standard whorl, can use in the installation on lever of standard milling cutter, merchandise on hand is supplied. Current, general bog down is in the thread machining of our country the treatment technology of turning is conventional. The development of dislocation whorl milling cutter succeeds and can apply at production, fill cutting tool of domestic whorl milling the blank of 0, broke the monopoly position with foreign long-term enterprise, make the level of thread machining craft of our country improves a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, this has very important sense to the development of the manufacturing industry of our country. CNC Milling