P3e technology announced a new field

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Dr. J Rgen Ramm came true a lot of people a collective dream: Use P3e technology, ou Ruikang Baerchasi's research and development person created process of a PVD with group of his research and development, this one working procedure gets coating pioneer into the new field that tool coating uses. Graph the new field of 1 INNOVA and P3e: Dr. J Rgen Ramm wants your body to raise Dui Shideng in the row only beside the INNOVA coating system that is about to complete, no matter be in where, you can see national boundaries. Be in however domain of contemporary coating technology, liezhiduishideng is the country of immensity bound. Ou Ruikang Baerchasi's headquarters is located in Baerchasi in the valley, this valley to personnel of research and development it is true El Dorado (the gold country in fokelore) . If the success of PVD tool coating is a story, so Dr. Ramm and his group is in the canto with newest compose: They developed a new working procedure, can combine the advantage of PVD and CVD. This one new technology most apply at bit domain first. Checking a result is, compare with CVD coating, the foreground of this one technology is bright. Coating pioneer Europe Ruikangbaerchasi can continue to develop now other a lot of application domains, new field of conquer tool coating, satisfy the demand that before only CVD coating just can be satisfied. Dr. J Rgen Ramm thinks, of this new technology revolutionary in depending on an identical perhaps coating, obtain CVD at the same time or the advantage of PVD coating, these advantages belong to CVD alone or PVD, never also had been been together by conformity before. Graph 2 " the component of coating equipment is such sensitive, dactylogram can violate this one process, accordingly they must wear a glove to handle. " the temperature that the alumina coating that when the detail that explaining this system Dr. Ramm says to difficulty and breakthrough make thermodynamic stability needs to exceed 1000 ℃ , this is the domain of CVD, PVD is in low must happen below temperature more. Accordingly, they made clear target of research and development: Establish procedure of a PVD, temperature of the coating when moving under 600 ℃ , but can arise hard, the alumina coating that shows diamond structure, and be below high temperature also have stability. Join chromium, made the aluminous chromic mixture crystal that has diamond structure. To make become a possibility, they used field of source of a magnetism and pulse discharge to evaporate, in making it works to enrage atmosphere in oxygen. They call this new procedure P3e, had won patent. In fact, all metallic oxide can use this process. The spelling with the meaning of P3e and whole effect " pulse enhances an electron to blast off " the process that described research and development. In a word, evaporate with electric arc, apply pulse to control electric current to affect an electron to launch the plasma density that falls with aerobic environment. INNOVA coating system also can handle traditional metallic nitride coat, be like: TiN, TiAlN and AlCrN, INNOVA and P3e technology synchronism develop. It also can be produced more the coating of high quality. Nitride can be now in an onefold working procedure incorporate with any scale and hard metal oxide, this one character is meant a lot of new opportunities will design high-powered tool, be P3e? The technology takes us into a new state. Use P3e technology, can reach CVD coating mass very quickly. The latent capacity of further development and application is tremendous. Manufacturer will adjust motherboard, the oldest rate exploits the advantage that PVD oxide offers. New cutting material and application will have feasibility. Baerchasi will optimize Ou Ruikang hard flow and coating. Of higher cutting performance and productivity raise can be expected soon significantly. Is if is the graph shown 3 times, a P3e on the horn of bit? The cross section of coating: The supportive film of the TiAlN of M of a 10 μ , in M of a 6 μ multilayer below functional film, by AlCrO or AlCrN composition. This combination character has high temperature stability, hardness and coating adhesion sex. Graph the INNOVA coating system that coating of razor blade of working procedure of 3 use P3e is benefited to banner manufacturer has been installed and run as parallel as P3e technology development from inside technical leap. Ou Ruikang Baerchasi has been exhibited in Han Nuowei EMO on roll out new product, show the alumina coating of the construction of generation diamond that produces by PVD technology. Grow pace considering what we produce, firm client need not await for a long time, can obtain apply further. CNC Milling