Technology of figuration of metal of half solid state introduces

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Summary: Metal of half solid state is machined (abbreviation of Semi-Solid Metal Process Or Semi-Solid Metal Forming is SSM) is the heat that in recent years metallic processing technique studies. Technology of half solid state has a series of characteristics, the most outstanding is material of half solid state touch denaturation, the spare parts precision of figuration tall, quality is good, can with clean close figuration or clean eventually figuration (Near-net-shape) conforms. Relatively labor characteristic of figuration of metal of half solid state and the mechanical character of half solid state metal, introduced the application of technology of half solid state. Keyword: Half solid state machines half solid state clean eventually figuration touchs metamorphic ▲   one, foreword technology of figuration of metal of half solid state, it is the metal is in caky process, have acuteness mix, or control originallies - interval of liquid state temperature, the even in suspension in getting mother liquor of metal of a kind of liquid state is worn the solid fluid of constituent of fixed firm photograph mixes an oar to expect (solid photograph constituent can be as high as 60%) even. Makings of oar of metal of this kind of half solid state is had stream become characteristic, namely makings of oar of metal of half solid state has very good liquidity, make a product through common treatment method easily. Use this kind of neither complete liquid state, the metallic oar makings that is not complete solid state again machines the method of figuration, call skill of figuration of metal of half solid state. The graph is shown 1 times is a few kinds of meanses that obtain material of oar of metal of half solid state. A) is mechanical mixer B) mechanical agitate is successive successive preparation graph obtains agitate of preparation C) electromagnetism a few kinds 1 the sketch map that oar of metal of half solid state expects 2, the characteristic of figuration of half solid state and common treatment method photograph are compared, figuration of half solid state has a lot of advantages: 1.

Applied range is wide, every has the alloy of area of solid fluid two-phase to all can realize figuration of half solid state. Applicably at a variety of figuration craft, if cast, extruding, v and solder. 2.

SSM is filled form is smooth, without onflow and splash, treatment temperature is low, caky systole is small, cast dimension precision is consequently tall. SSM figuration dimension and finished product part are almost same, reduced machining amount greatly, can accomplish little or without the treatment that cut bits. SSM caky time is short, be helpful for improving productivity. 3.

Alloy of half solid state already released partial crystallization latent heat, reduced pair of figuration unit consequently, especially the thermal shock of the mould, make its service life rises substantially. 4.

SSM figuration exterior level off is smooth, cast interior organization is compact, in-house stoma, slant the blemish such as analyse is little, grain is petty, mechanical performance is high, approachable or achieve be out of shape the function of material. 5.

Use technology of figuration of half solid state of stuff of metal of Central Africa of ameliorable preparation composite material float, slant analyse and with metallic matrix not the technical difficult problem with wet embellish, this offerred advantage for the preparation of composite material and figuration. 6.

Compare with photograph of die forging of solid state metal, the stress of going from place to place of SSM is reduced significantly, rate of figuration of SSM die forging is higher, can the part with very complex figuration. 7.

Managing the sources of energy. By production unit weight spare parts is exemple, figuration of half solid state and common aluminium alloy cast photograph comparing, energy-saving 35% the left and right sides. 3, the craft course of figuration of half solid state has the main process of figuration of half solid state two: One is the material of oar of metal of half solid state that obtains classics agitate in maintain its take shape of half solid state has directly below the condition of temperature of half solid state, be called to flow normally change cast (Rheocasting) , see a picture 2. Another is expect oar of half solid state refrigeration is caky after becoming preform, according to the makings below product measure, heat to undertake form cutting to temperature of half solid state afresh again, become through be being called to touch form (Thixoforming) , see a picture 2. In real industry production, a kind of craft after basically be being used. Graph the craft course of figuration of 2 half solid state and sketch map normally, technology of figuration of metal of half solid state includes to flow change cast, local remelting (heat 2 times) and touch become form. Alleged shed denaturation, become in agitate process namely solid state constituent increases ceaselessly (achieve 60%) even, what although make,metallic oar expects is agglutinant rise, but the liquidity that still keeps good. 4, the mechanical function after figuration of half solid state carries out a proof, because metal of half solid state is had,touch denaturation, casting base is had in figuration apparent effect exceeding model and fill up function, and be out of shape fight force small also, can be out of shape below higher rate. From be out of shape mechanism is analysed, its are out of shape the process is one is out of shape from plasticity exceed plasticity metabolic process. The watch shows the mechanical performance that machines method and heat treatment condition to fall in what differ for aluminium alloy 1 times. See OK and clearly from inside the watch, the advantage of technology of figuration of half solid state. For example, become the A356 alloy of form to be below condition of T6 heat treatment through touching, have better mechanical performance than casting the aluminium alloy of earning through common sand mold, and but the function close with forging. Many scholars still studied material of alloy of a few high melting point passes the mechanical property after half solid state is machined, if express,2 are shown. The mechanical function that expresses place of method of 1 different treatment to obtain aluminium alloy compares alloy name to machine condition of methodological heat treatment to succumb stress (MN. M - 2) tensile strength (MN. M - 2) outspread rate (%) hardness (A356(Al7Si0 of HB) casting alloy.


6Mg)SSMSSNSSMSSMSSMPMPMCDFSSMSSMSSMSSMSSMPMPM casts T4T5T6T7T6T51T6 to cast T4T5T6T7T6T5111013018024026018613828011515020026029029614522025025532031026218634022027528533033035920014205 ~ 101295297155 ~ 10975460708010510080- - 758590115110100- forgings 276275   of   of T8T6T6T6T6T6T6 of T6T6T6T4   of   of SSMCDFWT4T4 of   of SSMW of   of SSMW of SSMCDFWW   of   of SSMW of   of 7075(Al6ZnMgCu) of   of 6061(Al1MgSi) of   of 2219(Al6Cu) of   of   of   of 2024(Al4Cu1Mg) of alloy 2017(Al4CuMg)   310260   of 277230393324   361420505   of 290275   386427   3664204764693524003303104055605708.




= of CDF of 661189105---12089-10495--150     shuts die forging to build PM = metal pattern to cast W = to forging the alloy of higher melting point that treatment expresses alloy of 2 a few high melting point to issue physical characteristic in different condition succumbs stress (MPa) tensile strength (MPa) is outspread rate (.





8 5, the applied   of figuration of half solid state 1.

At present in the application in aluminium alloy preparation figuration of metal of half solid state applies mix the most successfully the most extensive is to be in the preparation of aluminium alloy. Because the melting point of aluminium alloy is inferior,its reason is not only with scope of application extensive, and aluminium alloy is to have the alloy system of area of coexistence of wider fluid solid. In aluminium alloy industry, include Al-Cu alloy, Al-Si alloy, Al-Pb alloy and Al-Ni alloy to wait, what be worth to be carried particularly is technology of figuration of metal of half solid state already began to apply at goods of preparation aluminium alloy. The graph shows the aluminium alloy part that is figuration of half solid state 3 times. Current, the weight of aluminium alloy spare parts of figuration of half solid state can amount to 7kg above. Graph the   of aluminium alloy spare parts of figuration of 3 half solid state 2.

The application in other material is mixed to magnesium alloy copper alloy, also can use SSM figuration technology, and had obtained a few positive result, can make the part with a good quality with this kind of method. 3.

Metal of half solid state is in the preparation that applies at composite material area of fluid solid two-phase has very good agglutinant with fluidity, can join metalloid filling easily, and should have chosen to mix temperature and agitate technology appropriately only, be helpful for increasing metalloid filling and the interfacial union strength between half solid state metal. The affiliation of metalloid filling prevented the bunch market of globose particle effectively, if pursue,4 are shown. The affiliation of metalloid filling is mixed to follow-up partial remelting touch become form is very advantageous. Current, be in metallic radical uses SSM figuration method in composite material also is heat of a research. Graph 4 in Al-Si SiC grain   is joined in material of half solid state 4.

The Lian Zhu that a few other of SSM apply   SSM to also can apply in board belt and wire joins press hard against each other in, after Lian Zhu joins agitate in make friends repeatedly, the effect of generation is to make composition even not just, and the integral quality that can improve a product. The another application domain of SSM is the extract of material. Technology of figuration of half solid state has the application of two respects on metallic extract. One of, of the grain size in metallic oar makings different, form extremely easily in follow-up process slant analyse, use pulverization method, make thereby metallic matrix function tends even. Secondly, because be in area of fluid solid two-phase, the part that photograph particle lays first and fluid photograph composition have bigger difference, want to use photograph of fluid of some kind of method general and solid photograph to depart only, with respect to the goal that can achieve extract material. For instance, it is OK to use the filter paper that has certain surface roughness eliminate the liquid from inside metallic oar makings, if pursue,5 are shown. Graph sketch map of device of 5 material extract CNC Milling