Of machine tool of cylinder body honing electric transform

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Summary: The control system that introduced cylinder body honing machine is transformed reach partial logic relay the method that the function implements with PLC, gave out the design train of thought that its control systematic program and soft hardware construction. Keyword: Logistic relay; Imitate measures the journey to control; 1 foreword of  of device of main shaft feed the cylinder body honing machine that 80 time import 20 centuries, electric control system introduces the discrete element such as relay, contactor, reason wiring is complex, electric control program is changed not easily, fault rate is high, and used many logistic relay, know graph difficulty, maintenance is extremely no-go. Yuan parts of an apparatus is an entrance completely, need much foreign currency, spare parts constantly in short supply, affect normal production. For this, with PLC control is given priority to, relay is complementary the form undertook transforming to this equipment. the component outside PLC homebred change, and partial logic the function of relay had transform. Honing machine of cylinder body of brief introduction of 2 machine tools is used at honing of grain of hole pattern of crock of car cylinder body, it includes imitate journey to control, mechanical / hydraulic pressure is automatic feed device, still have the top gem wheelhead that carries pneumatic measuring instrument, hydraulic pressure brings a workbench, car cylinder body suits oneself cooperate device, and device of inverting delay time. This equipment divides 3 labor situation to complete the treatment of 6 crocks aperture, length 350mm, cent kibble, essence grinds peace to carry honing on the head 3 paces. Dot of coping, bottom inverting is nominal value potentiometer is operating face plate to go up adjustable, aperture of crock of adjustment of in order to machines length. Additionally one is worth potentiometer actually, imitate detects wheelhead position, it is above the machine tool, drive by chain, classics imitate measures distance control equipment, with on, suffix says potentiometer is compared, control fluctuation route. Treatment puts cylinder body into workbench in the begining, workbench locking, in press " begin automatically " after pushbutton, raceway falls, does the machine tool repeat carry out: of following movement of ① ~ ⑦ ? So 5? of Dian of  of ㄋ of Xiao of ぷ of A of tiger of  of deficient of ㄒ of Xiao of ぷ of Hu Xun of inclined Se of bolt of small cup of Qia of tiger of  of cochlea of  of fan of ㄋ of Xiao of ぷ of Hu Wan of  of fan of Dong of core of Huan of tiger of ィ of patch up of Dian of tiger of Deng of core M firewood crock of Kong Hang, pressure go up terminal switch, workbench is raised and return, end circularly. Of 3 systems transform 3.

1The type selecting Japan of PLC and fontal FA-2 PLC is structure of module of light body plug-in unit, its CPU module, power source module, input output module becomes independent severally, can insert each positions freely, i/O module can be configured according to need, especially the independent character that relay outputs module to output a dot each, make a design convenient, simplify, managing hardware resource. Accordingly, chose undertake transforming to the machine tool with fontal FA-2 PLC. 3.

2 systems configure systematic hardware and software to use cordwood system construction, all treatment movement all by PLC programme controll. The system configures a graph, if pursue,1 is shown. The 8 chamfer of PLC engine portion deserve to have 2 inputs module and 4 output module on motherboard, module of an exterior power source is used for PC input. Periphery circuit includes 2 imitate to measure distance control equipment, 2 wait from adaptive control device and switch of a few electromagnetism a powerful person, indicator light, journey, pushbutton. Pushbutton, knob receives 1# to input module, its distribute a list, if express,1 is shown. 3.

Control equipment of distance of quantity of 3 electrons imitate (HUS-13) control this electron imitate to measure distance control equipment to be controlled by logistic relay formerly, show the concerned control signal device (wait like actuating signal) instead exports control by PLC, to it the hookup of 3# of relevant PLC output module, if pursue,2 are shown. 3.

4Of device of feed of SFH-243 main shaft transform this device to cooperate use hair to control signal with RBS-246 combination relay formerly, use at controlling investment of measurement unit of honing pressure, measurement. As a result of its input and output signal are n signal, so its function changes to come true by PLC, in-house logic uses PLC programme controll, did the following and proper processing in specific implementation: In wheelhead treatment process, just received in gas source fashionable, appearance sends signal, for false signal. In programming, measure signal to rotate in main shaft take after 3s, stable 0.

2s hind is received. After transforming corresponding program flow chart, if pursue,3 are shown. 3.

Of 5 lock device transform device of raw stop a machine by cutting off the power to use logistic relay to control, means of apply the brake of specific power consumption is used after transforming, handy easy travel, its principle pursues, if pursue,4 are shown. Its programme diagram, if pursue,5 are shown. Honing is finished, m533 is ON, head up, main shaft stops turn, p260 is OFF, electric machinery begins apply the brake and time, p261, T15 is ON, KM82 of contactor of classics apply the brake adds dc 24V tension to electric machinery winding, delay time disconnects to T15 the signal that close a point, p261 is OFF, apply the brake ends. This equipment classics debugs 4 last words after devoted production, improved manufacturing efficiency and product quality, saved facility cost. Moving in order. CNC Milling