Numerical control turns over the design of Huo cutting tool

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Graph the flying development of working procedure of the 1 treatment that turn over Huo as computer technology, numerical control machine tool receives wider and wider application in industry of our country machining. A lot of treatment difficult problem that it solved general accuracy machine tool hard not only, and rose to machine precision and manufacturing efficiency, also design to machining craft and cutting tool at the same time put forward a lot of new, higher demand. To make these advanced equipment produce effect better, must solve these problems. Casing is machined in numerical control machine tool kind in the process of the spare parts, often encounter working procedure of the treatment that turn over Huo, if pursue,1 is shown. When machining these place, the automatic treatment that gives numerical control the machine tool or nobody change production to create very big obstacle. Turn over the automatic treatment of Huo aperture to these, often adopt below in order to 4 kinds of methods on numerical control machine tool at present: 1 with turn over boring to secure a loop (G87) machines a graph Ⅱ of 2 fixed loops uses treatment of this kind of method, its machine means to if the graph is shown 2 times,be described. Dictate the form is: After G98(or G99)G87X-Y-Z-R-Q-F-X axis and Y axis locate, main shaft is automatic and directional stop, cutting tool in order to turn over Q of deflection of direction of point of a knife, locate in hole bottom R is nodded quickly. Here, cutting tool is returned by former deflection quantity (the) of aperture center position that returns a treatment, start main shaft with the clockwise (M03) , undertake turning over Huo cutting; Z axis just machines Z to nod all the time up, main shaft stops definitely again in this position later, cutting tool exits former deflection quantity, outside exiting aperture quickly, cutting tool returns origin and return by former deflection quantity next, main shaft stops turn (M05) , turn into below one block. Moving example sees a picture 3. When using this method to turn over Huo cutting, should undertake the knife moves letting, and can finish Huo face diameter to compare the small cutting that turn over Huo only, accordingly this method has very big limitation. To make sure boring lever is rigid, if hole is smaller, the position of the face that turn over Huo is further, or when the specific value of the diameter of the face that turn over Huo and aperture is greater, so, the cutting that turn over Huo cannot come true. So although can undertake turning over Huo cutting, but because arbor is rigid poor, easy happening oscillatory, make turn over Huo face occurrence ripple, exterior surface roughness is worth elevatory, treatment precision becomes poor, loss of efficiency. 2 from undertaking Huo aperture machines a graph workpiece of 3 moving example is machined in aperture hind, rotate workbench 180 ° , have Huo opening from the front, increased treatment to assist time; Usually, choose the cutting tool with longer arbor even, tigidity is consequently opposite poorer, the influence machines precision. If work structure does not allow (the 1a that be like a graph, 1d) , criterion this kind of method also cannot come true. 3 with turn over boring to secure circular Ⅰ (G87) instruction machines a graph the treatment process description of this law of Ⅰ of 4 fixed loops, if pursue,4 are shown. Cutting tool reachs hole bottom and when main shaft stops, control system enters feed to hold position, here the circumstance falls, cutting tool can move methodological shift with the hand, can carry out aleatoric hand to move an operation, the hand is moved assemble and unassemble cutting tool, the hand moves the cutting that turn over Huo. For restart treatment, should change punched tape or put store implement means, start by START() key, press one block NC instruction is carried out next. 4 hands move the treatment that turn over Huo to be in treatment process, when encountering the working procedure that turn over Huo, to one optional stop instruction M01, the machine tool stops, by discharge of handlers hand tool the cutting tool that turn over Huo is undertaken the hand uses the treatment that turn over Huo. Machine with the 4th kind of method with the 3rd kind, increased treatment to assist time, make the efficiency of CNC Machining is reduced greatly. The automation photograph of these two kinds of means and machining center is contradictory, go up in transfer matic especially, its defect is more outstanding. Still increased labor strength additionally. Numerical control machine tool especially the numerical control machine tool of bigger norms, machine an area to be separated with entire guard commonly, want to complete the process that turn over Huo, handlers must note the athletic case of the machine tool at any time, etc stop machine hind to enter treatment area to install the knife that turn over Huo, the hand is moved or finish the cutting that turn over Huo automatically after that, the hand moves debus to turn over Huo knife. Next reappearance dictates (by START key) . Such both neither are safe, affect manufacturing efficiency again, the advantage play with numerical control full automatic machine tool does not come out. Some turn over Huo working procedure to cannot undertake on machining center, because this must be in,door of technical secondary school of follow-up working procedure undertakes Huo is machined turning over. Visible, 4 kinds of afore-mentioned methods all have certain limitation, these methods still affect treatment precision and treatment efficiency, even some of Kong Gen that turn over Huo cannot be machined with afore-mentioned methods originally. Can say, the treatment that turn over Huo is flexible the one big obstacle that production system or nobody turn production. Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, combat the problem that Huo exists to solve machining center, the author designed machining center to use the cutting tool that turn over Huo, solve the treatment that turn over Huo effectively this one difficult problem. Data turns over the structure of Huo cutting tool and working principle, if pursue 5, 6 are shown. Graph cutting tool of principle of job of the 6 cutting tool that turn over Huo loads composition of a picture of knot of the 5 cutting tool that turn over Huo after main shaft, give a machine tool the statement that moves ahead, when head of the knife that turn over Huo 13 shift arrive when proper place, 14 express surface contact with workpiece, cutter hub 1 continue to move ahead, 8 and 7 move ahead no longer, but 2, 6, 10 still continue to move ahead. When them shift arrives when one solid emplacement, be in an action of 10 below, knife head 13 suitable hour hand are rotational 90 ° (although edge is in cutting position) , in the meantime, the 6 action underspin in cam turn and implementation axial locates. Right now, give a machine tool all along regressive statement, namely cutter hub 1 move backward, as a result of bedspring the action of 18, 7, 8 cannot back down, the 6 effect that suffer a <4 also cannot back down, in order to assure knife head 13 reliable fixed position. 3 shift arrive with when the keyway right termination of 7 is touched, the main shaft that start rotates and to the machine tool one cutting instruction undertakes turning over Huo cutting. After the end that turn over Huo, main shaft stops to rotate and move ahead, motion arrives when the final position that moves ahead for the first time, be in an action of 2 below, eliminate 4 pairs an axial fixed position of 6, such is in when cutting tool is regressive, in 3 mix a right termination of 7 before touching, 7, 8 still cannot back down, but 6 because eliminated axial to locate, in bedspring the action of 9 falls, 6, 10 exit backward, be in an action of 11 below, knife head 13 anticlockwise roll 90 ° , back down proper place, be in an action of 3 below, whole cutting tool quits work. So far, completed cutting process. Above is whole the movement all is finished automatically by machine tool program. To the aperture of same size, the basis opposes the position that Huo face is in, can adjust appropriately 14, the position of 15, or change the position of a 8 places. The action of 3 is to deliver torque and backward pulling force. 2, <4> , 6 it is to use implementation axial to decide 6 to show. 4 fixed, 2 make reciprocate, 6 make reciprocate while, still make whirligig. 6 be in the position (2) when implementation axial fixed position, be in the position (4) when eliminate axial fixed position. Behavioral S1, S2 is finished before treatment, s3, S4 is finished after treatment. To the machining center of different specifications and numerical control machine tool, orgnaization of fixed position of 1 axial cam has cutter hub just a little is planted norms can. Arbor and cutting part can undertake choosing according to specific treatment target. Numerical control turns over the design of Huo cutting tool, solved what come true hard on numerical control machine tool or cannot come true to combat Huo cutting problem, realized machining center to turn over Huo to machine automation. Carry out a proof, tigidity of arbor of this kind of cutting tool is good, function is reliable, use convenient, compare with traditional method photograph, have distinct advantage, can complete all sorts of treatment that turn over Huo, practical strong, rose to machine quality and treatment efficiency, have very high use value, can popularize application extensively. CNC Milling