Use data of difficult treatment of efficient laser beam machining

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The respect is machined in pottery and porcelain and hard metal, a lot of equipment and craft encounter physics and economically bottleneck very quickly. How can already effective the data that economic ground processes this kind of difficult treatment, laser beam machining can offer a kind of efficient solution. A typical applied domain of efficient treatment is turbine, namely plane turbine and generate electricity turbine. These turbine all are mixed by difficult cutting material anticorrosion material, for example tall alloy steel or nickel base and titanium radical alloy is made. Graph 1 use Unicen 1000 lathe to undertake efficient treatment A to the hardest alloy.

Monforts company offers whole of series of a kind of Unicen to machine equipment in the light of the product of this kind of high demand, share 3 kinds of types. The largest facility is Unicen 1000, its drive power is 40~50kW, rotate speed limits is 6~4000r/min. Although negative charge is very big, but the precision that needs to reach place, the equipment of this kind of all model all assembled a kind of very effective static fluid bearing, in order to achieve the goal of oscillatory damp; A the greatest pressure is 350bar (1bar=105MPa) high-pressured refrigeration system, add distinguishing feature for equipment; The component can repeat precision and quality and very short production time goodly is the main characteristic of equipment of Unicen set technology. A.

Monforts company also can be offerred the compressor step of buy bucket shape is cut into drive a vehicle and fight to turbine internally annulus undertake efficient milling and rough machining. Graph 2 RNC 400 Laserturn lathe can choose place of bate pottery and porcelain surely, the difficulty that eases follow-up cutting treatment thereby is aimed at material of agglomeration pottery and porcelain (if nitrogen changes silicon and carborundum) treatment, a.

Monforts company can offer a new equipment plan now. Lathe of RNC 400 Duoturn efficient CNC and laser technology photograph are united in wedlock. The new facility of this RNC 400 Laserturn that be called is by A.

Monforts company and institute of Fraunhofer production technology (IPT) joint research and development comes out. The core content of this technology is before installing laser light beam in cutting flow, the position of cutting tool of laser front cutting. Below the action of laser energy, surface of pottery and porcelain is fused, the structure of the accurate place that wants on pottery and porcelain by bate, undertake turning is machined again next. RNC 400 Laserturn lathe has a special cutting tool to turn tower. According to different treatment job, turn the tower props up laser or traditional cutting cutting tool at the same time. From this, the user can come true to be amounted to to exterior precision 0.

The great ability of the material of pottery and porcelain of 2 μ M is machined. The laser of the component of pottery and porcelain such as aluminous to lever of such as plain bearing liner, piston, weather strip or casting component assists hard turning to achieve cutin of very high surface quality and edge to measure. This kind of engineering technology makes component of pottery and porcelain provides market appeal and economic benefits more. This kind of engineering technology applies to material of pottery and porcelain not only, apply to the hard turning of rolled steel surface as much. CNC Milling