High speed, efficient laser beam machining

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Laser beam machining has heat to affect very low, material to be out of shape rate of very small, treatment is rapid, need not be contacted and need not a lot of advantage such as the aftertreatment, but China's at present native land car manufacturer, especially many component production manufacturer solders to laser, Laser Cutting and laser stiletto the application that wait is not enough. To the Chinese automobile manufacturing industry of flying development, we are heard in of all kinds circumstance for many times about using laser beam machining topical. In real estate application, very much Euramerican car is truckload it is early with component manufacturer ten years ago the power of research and development with vigorous much investment, the technology that combines laser to make an enterprise develop a lot of laser beam machining and product line, improved manufacturing efficiency and product quality widely in mass production. But scan widely sees China's at present native land car manufacturer, especially many component produces manufacturer, make bid besides simple laser outside, the application of other side solders like laser, Laser Cutting and laser stiletto the application that wait is not enough. Regard the laser that is in leadership position in domain of treatment of this kind of application as manufacturer, GSI is willing to generalize the field that laser uses in automobile manufacturing industry and characteristic here, cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, the Chinese native land business with much help realises laser the advantage of technology of this one special high end, provide corresponding technical support for wide readership wholeheartedly. The peculiar dominant position of laser beam machining 1.

Hot effect is very small, opposite with the tradition solder and cut means, laser beam machining need not produce high temperature, thereby the material that utmost ground reduced to reach coating to mother capable person is destroyed; 2.

Material is out of shape very small, much material is out of shape can control the limits in hundred millimeter inside; 3.

High speed treatment, to weaker stainless steel data, solder speed can achieve 10 ~ 20m/min, be aimed at different material and ply to be able to have response change; 4.

The material surface after treatment is handled is very can clean, bright and clean. The material such as major steel products, aluminous material and alloy is after laser beam machining, the surface won't appear to be out of shape or be destroyed apparently, retained the exterior of original material and character to the greastest extent; 5.

Unilateral is machined, need not contact, because the working principle of laser is the focusing of beam of light that is not contact, it is certain to need unilateral to be in only so action is besides the distance on material can; 6.

Need not aftertreatment. Laser beam welding is received it is OK to solder fractionize solders for automobile body and 0 spare parts solder. To automobile body, the most general is to be able to finish roof to solder to the bodywork of sideways and door. 2 be galvanization rolled steel normally build solder, also meet those who have 3 solder sometimes demand, length can amount to 2 ~ 3m. In addition because laser beam machining is OK,the material different ply and grade solders easily rise, this kind of advantage can reduce a lot of additional process, save cost and stuff in great quantities, go up in more weld manage related to automobile body so, wait like lining of fender, face plate, door, seat and rocker, appeared increasingly to come to those who replace a tradition solder with laser means. In these soldering, involves material is rolled steel more at present (do not have film mild steel or steel of galvanization of 10 ~ 20mm) with aluminium alloy (like alloy of alloy of silicon of aluminium magnesium of 5000 series aluminum-magnesium alloy, 6000 series or zinc of 7000 series aluminium) . Those who need an attention is, in galvanization steel solder in the process, the melting point because of steel (1 500 ℃ ) the melting point with zinc (800 ℃ ) differ a lot of, the easy generation is redundant hole in be being operated actually, become the quandary of a lot of manufacturer, and it is difficult that the research that GSI major uses an engineer to be passed for many times and experiment had solved this. And to aluminium alloy, because of aluminous tall reflex function, also can a lot of manufacturer are encountered in application poriferous, rupture wait for a problem, pass successfully in this respect GSI likewise add filler (especially the 2000 aluminium alloy to 6000 series) , the technology such as double facula overcame these problems. In car component respect, reinforce of laser beam welding uses a field more extensive, have commonly: ABS system component, safe gasbag component, solenoid, batteries and fuel atomizer, what use GSI has super modulation function is successive model what laser can be these products is high-powered solder offer the solution that suits most. Super modulation is OK the output power and achieves general laser to cannot come true frit that instantaneous twice raises laser is mixed greatly solder the effect. Be opposite for example of fuel atomizer solder, we use the parameter setting that the graph shows 1 times, the actual output power after using has 65% of average power 500W only, realized what less hot impact, lower operation cost, longer tube service life and final and extraordinary stability agree finally to solder thereby the effect. The JK125P that GSI rolls out laser (see a picture 2) be used technically at pinpoint accuracy solder and slight cut, suit a variety of different industry utility. Graph the parameter that 1 fuel atomizer solders sets a plan Laser CuttingLaser Cutting of 2 JK125P laser is another kind of big application besides the laser outside soldering, its main characteristic has: 1.

Very fine cut width, cut edge and beautiful exterior straight; 2.

Cutting the smallest heat near the edge to affect area to realize the least work to be out of shape thereby; 3.

Be being quickened or when decelerate because have redundant to outputting the good control of power on average to be eliminated so material frit,burn; 4.

Do not have machinery to be out of shape; 5.

Relative to at traditional cut pattern character, do not have cut cutting tool wear away; Machine a domain in the car at present, project plastic, hydraulic pressure shapes the canal very extensive Laser Cutting is used. The laser beam welding that the laser beam welding of car gasbag component receives a solution to introduce ministry of GSI laser facilities to be component of gasbag of a car to offer in North America to everybody here is received settle case. Oberg Industries (the following abbreviation " Oberg " ) it is manufacturer of an accurate stamping workpiece, basically serve to wait for domain of a lot of industry at car, medical treatment and spaceflight aviation, with component of high accuracy finished product (Finished Part) and famed. The client of domain of a car ever told this company, of the package of some kind of gasbag that another manufacturer offers solder have quality problem. This supplier uses traditional tungsten extremely argon arc solder (TIG) welder art, ensure very hard offer necessary reliability. Oberg used his distinctive professional punch technology to improve the accuracy of package and quality, but the complete and reliable solder that the client still hopes to provide form a complete set take-overs. Then, oberg begins to consider to use laser technology to achieve afore-mentioned goals. Be located in in its in the Sarver workshop near Pittsburgh of Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard, oberg used laser of YAG of pulse of low power comsumption to undertake soldering experimenting. The client of Oberg is mixed in visual exterior to test result the expression of intensity respect feels special satisfaction, but think whole process is too slow still. In view of this, oberg asks ministry of GSI laser facilities to help, see them whether the method that uses lab analysis to raise rate through its. the requirement with respect to oneself, oberg need can support 50mm/s one kind not only solder speed, and the laser source that returns demand of strength of can contented final client. Solder take-overs is a ply is about 1.

The screen pipe of fragment of steel of carbon of 1008 belts aperture of 2mm (Debris Screen Tube) . Before soldering, the stiletto on preexistence flat, let flat form clearance again next about 1.

The canal of 5mm, such facilitating undertake juncture is opposite neat with fixed position. The quality standard of this one craft is to ensure the surface and bottom appearance are good, and although have,exceed big globe to pass screen pipe forcibly, also won't affect solder. Sex of the phase in production process undertakes detecting. Be located in Mixiegen the first job of the GSI application lab of city Novi city is to determine the exact laser cause of archetypal component and solder suitably technology. Make after discussing, discover with Oberg, although 1kW is successive Nd: YAG laser can realize 50mm/s easily solder rate, but such this projects are without economy but character. From estimated for angle, 500W laser is more applicable. Archetypal component succeeds at soldering in July 2006, what its use is to support successive wave (the JK501SM Nd that CW) and Super ModulatedTM output two kinds: YAG laser. Archetypal component solders when the experiment, with taking the solid valve of aperture the component is an object. Appear to achieve different frit and detect its intensity, used those who differ to solder respectively speed and parameter. Super ModulatedTM output can provide power of higher laser peak value with sine wave and square wave weaveform, can amount to 2 times of rated laser power most, still can realize laser sum to decide average power at the same time. Such, solder rate rose 40% , and the quantity of heat that use up was reduced than using CW to output only a lot of. In addition, super ModulationTM still can decrease considerably solder the laser that scattering of place of soot of bath upper part solders in the process can. CW output is soldering the meeting after beginning a few millisecond produces many soot all the time in weld, soot is grain shape, can produce scattering, bring about focus of deviate of beam of light thereby, generation is larger welding line frit is wide reduce frit to appear. When using wave of sine of periodic peak value or square wave weaveform, of super modulation laser before stimulating light energy to be able to achieve certain scattering to affect in soot quantity give out inside a few millisecond. In phase of loop of modulation low energy, soot volume can fall to be close to quickly 0, stimulate output of illuminant repass Super ModulatedTM to begin to issue one job to circulate after that. Without giving thought to laser power volume or quality of beam of light how, can produce this result. The improvement that CW, sine affects the sectional graph clarity of quadrate wave modulation showed frit is appeared circumstance. For this, oberg chose the smoothest 500W CW to solder law, solder speed is 50mm/s, frit is amounted to fully 100% , use the focus camera lens of 100mm, focal diameter is 300mm. Put these initiative parts into simple vice, clip arrives aperture is airtight, protection argon gas passes side nozzle eduction. Between 2006, the progress that designs as the component and of production tool roll out, oberg undertook more solders again test. Below all circumstances, component the hand is moved in putting fixed unit, reoccupy vice places his aperture airtight, laser process is very consistent. After laser system arrives at Oberg to begin to undertake laser beam welding is received, solder in prototype transition is made for automation solder a few problems appeared in the process. The aperture of butt joint welding line appeared as a result of component position and bounce problem certain abhorrent sex. Make the protective gas below fixed circumstance discharge a design to detect without passing, in addition solder the mechanical test that the component also did not pass a client. Solder appropriately to come true intensity, solder rate falls to 23mm/s. GSI application project designed a center to undertake checking as a result to soldering, sent relevant personnel of engineer and Oberg to solve craft problem together. As a result they discover, aperture exists in certain and fixed component, and solder positional difference is brought about welding line and central fixed position not the laser beam welding of beautiful is received in energy loss. The focus that heightens focus camera lens can enlarge focus size, can avoid relevant aperture problem thereby. To will solder speed promotion ensures to 50mm/s systematic economy is practical, super ModulationTM of square wave of laser parameter instead. This was accelerated solder speed, and can contented focus size enlarges the requirement of 20% . Finally, solder enoughly to come true intensity and toughness, must optimize solder the protection argon gas that fixed equipment gives is discharged, ensure process is medium extremely as low as the quantity containing oxygen in the solder in cooling process. It is those who realize 50mm/s to solder finally speed, can use square wave super modulation technology, frequency is 300Hz, peak value power is 900W, focus size is 360mm, give protection argon to enrage side by side. The Super ModulationTM technology that uses average power to be 500W makes the system can make up for project prototype to develop the aperture difference problem that level predicts hard, the synchronism of YAG laser technology that still can pass moderate of low cost, power comsumption at the same time designs component and technology. After successful implementation craft is designed, of Oberg solder the component achieved place to need strength, and power comsumption is compared beforehand of appraise low still. Last through using the 500W that has super modulation function undee laser, oberg realized essential speed requirement with low cost not only, and still can ensure workmanship solders mediumly speed and quality, solve problem of all craft tolerance. Through using this system, estimate Oberg but section yo-yo the mechanical cost of 100 thousand dollar. Oberg is very satisfactory to afore-mentioned results, this conduces to not only gain new business chance, and still can make it rolls out brand-new workmanship for new old client. CNC Milling